Finding the best fit


This is a research-based decision support tool for older people thinking about their homes and what will work for them into the future.

The tool reflects three years of research and development with older people and the many services used by older people.

The tool is independent. It does not promote any product or company.

The research has been undertaken by independent researchers at CRESA, Public Policy & Research, Katoa, and the University of Auckland. You can find more about the Find the Best Fit research and other home and house related research for older people at

The decision support tool is designed to help older people:

Why have we developed this tool? Because:

This tool can be used:

This tool is to support decision-making. It is not designed to make the decision or take the decision away from people. Sometimes people will find what they are really comfortable with and what will really suit them by looking through different opportunities and combinations of opportunities.

A few things to remember:

Start by reading some Stories or Looking into issues you may have.


CRESA and associates have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of content in this tool. Information has been provided in good faith and on the basis that every endeavour has been made to be accurate and not misleading. We shall not be liable or responsible for the accuracy or omission of any statement, opinion, advice or information in this tool. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for any damage or injury arising from use of this tool, or reliance on information contained in this tool. © 2021


We thank the large number of older people and various organisations who helped us to develop and test the tool. We especially appreciate the guidance and advice of Associate Professor Catherine Bridge, Director of the Home Modification Information Clearinghouse Service, University of New South Wales. We also thank the funders: the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, BRANZ Levy, the Retirement Villages Association and the Commission for Financial Capability.

Important Contacts and Resources

The information pages (B-section and C-section) provide details on more contacts.