Finding the best fit


Section S - Some Stories

S1 - Ailsa and Rob

S2 - Henare and Maria

S3 - Gwen and Wiremu

S4 - Rose

S5 - George

S6 - Den and Peter

S7 - David and Esther

S8 - Five Neighbours

S9 - Shirley

S10 - Roxy

S11 - Kevin and Sandra

S12 - Norm

Section i - Issues

i1 - I'd like to manage, repair and maintain my home more cheaply.

i2 - I'd like more money for everyday living expenses.

i3 - The housework is getting too much for me.

i4 - The lawns and garden are getting too much for me.

i5 - I'd like some help with my day-to-day activities like cooking, shopping, showering or dressing.

i6 - I'd like to find better ways of heating or cooling my home.

i7 - I'd like to reduce the risk of falls, for me or my partner.

i8 - I'd like more companionship.

i9 - I or my partner have been sick or injured and would like some temporary or long-term help.

i10 - We have big expenses coming up and could use some capital to pay for them.

i11 - I or my partner would like to be able to get around the house and garden more easily.

i12 - I would like to be able to get out and about more easily and get to services more easily.

i13 - I'd like to feel more secure in my home and neighbourhood.

Section A - Opportunities

A1 - Generating Income from Your Home

A2 - Getting Help with Day-to-day Costs

A3 - Repairing and Maintaining Your Home

A4 - Modifying Your Home

A5 - Preventing Falls

A6 - Selling Your Unused Assets

A7 - Making Your Home Perform Better

A8 - Getting Help with Your Housework

A9 - Gardens and Comfort

A10 - Receiving In-home Care

A11 - Getting a Personal Care Alarm

A12 - Receiving Some Help

A13 - Leaving Home Ownership

A14 - Reverse Equity and Mortgages

A15 - Selling and Buying a Cheaper Home

A16 - Renting Out Your Home

A17 - Finding the Right Community

A18 - Getting out, Getting to Services and Meeting Others

A19 - Protecting Yourself

A20 - Building a New Home

A21 - Move to a Property that is Easier to Manage

Section B - Information (part 1)

B1 - Subdividing Your Property

B2 - Sharing Your Home

B3 - Bed and Breakfast

B4 - Converting your House into Multiple Dwellings

B5 - Accommodation Supplement

B6 - Rates Relief

B7 - Help with Transport Costs

B8 - Reducing the Risk of Falls

B9 - Insulation

B10 - Double Glazing

B11 - Efficient Heating

B12 - Comfort Spaces

B13 - Getting a Gardener

B14 - Modifying the Garden

B15 - Disability Allowance

B16 - Live-in Carer

B17 - Respite Care

B18 - Home Support Services

B19 - Use Fewer Resources

B21 - Retirement Village

B22 - Renting

B24 - Reverse Mortgage / Home Equity Release

B25 - Buying or Renting in a Different Neighbourhood

B26 - Selling and Buying a Cheaper Home

B27 - Home Modifications

B28 - Living with Family or Whānau

B29 - Going Boarding

B30 - Other Public Financial Assistance

B31 - Repairs and Maintenance

B32 - A Smaller Home and/or Garden

B33 - Decluttering and Liquidating your Assets

B34 - Getting a Personal or Medical Alarm

B35 - Cohousing

B36 - Abbeyfield

B37 - Papakāinga and kaumātua housing

B38 - Clustered Housing Targeted to Older People

B39 - Joining Groups

B40 - Getting Connected on the Internet

B41 - Keeping Mobile Without a Car

B42 - In-home Visiting and Companion Services

B43 - Neighbourhood Support

B44 - Securing Your Home

B45 - Other Ideas for Generating Income from Your Home

B46 - Buying a Home with Other People

B47 - Going Flatting with Others

B48 - Building a New Home

B49 - Renting Out Your Home

Section C - Information (part 2)

C1 - Selling a Subdivided Section and Remaining in your Current Home

C2 - Selling your Current House and Building and Living on the Subdivided Section

C3 - Remaining in your Current Home and Building a House on the Subdivided Section to Sell

C4 - Having a Boarder

C5 - Having a Flatmate

C6 - Having Family or Whānau Stay with You

C7 - Receiving Financial Assistance for a Gardener

C8 - Paying for a Gardener

C9 - Council Pensioners/Seniors Housing

C10 - Kāinga Ora

C11 - Community Housing Providers (CHPs)

C12 - Private Rentals

C13 - Home Modifications Assistance

C14 - Home Modifications DIY

C15 - Receiving Financial Assistance for Respite Care

C16 - Paying for Respite Care

C17 - Receiving Financial Assistance for Home Support Services

C18 - Paying for Home Support Services

C19 - Individualised Funding