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About the 'My Home, My Choices' Physical Tool

This research-based decision-support tool, developed by the Finding the Best Fit research team, recognises that an older person's home is their greatest asset.

This tool helps people think through how they want to use that asset to live in or to move on in the future.

It helps older people, and those who want to support them, to work through information at their own pace, clarify their own issues, priorities, wants and needs, consider the pros and cons of different options, compare options and look at impacts of different options on future choices.

If you would like any more information about the project get in touch with us at the Centre for Research, Evaluation and Social Assessment.

Please complete the form to the left or contact us on freephone 0508 427372 and leave a message.

Centre for Research, Evaluation and Social Assessment

Find out more about this research which was funded primarily by the Public Good Science Fund, MBIE and other research-based tools to help people on