Section S: Some Stories

The following stories are based on situations that some people involved in the research experienced.

The stories are composites of various people's experiences. All names are fictitious and do not refer to any individual. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

The stories are not part of the decision-support tool, some people may like to read about the experience of others when thinking about the things that they are concerned about.

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S1 - Ailsa and Rob

S2 - Henare and Maria

S3 - Gwen and Wiremu

S4 - Rose

S5 - George

S6 - Den and Peter

S7 - David and Esther

S8 - Five Neighbours

S9 - Shirley

S10 - Roxy

S11 - Kevin and Sandra

S12 - Norm