David and Esther

David and Esther have been living in a big city for the past 12 years. They moved there for Esther's work - she got a promotion. David found a new job there very quickly.

Their youngest boy, Seth, was still at high school when they moved, and he shifted with them and swapped to a senior school in the city. Their oldest two children, Linus and Karen, stayed behind as they had settled into university life and were already either flatting or looking to go flatting. When Seth finished high school, he moved back to flat with Linus and go to the same university.

David and Esther still see and spend time with all their children, even though they live in different cities. It wasn't too difficult to start with as it was easy enough for everyone to get together for family occasions and Christmas, either where their children lived or at David and Esther's home in the city. However, when their daughter Karen and her partner had their first child six years ago, David and Esther realised how much they were missing by not living closer to their children. Babies grow and change so quickly, and even with visiting and Skype calls, they missed so many milestones in their first grandchild's life.

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