Den and Peter

Den and Peter have loved living in their home by the lake. It has provided a peaceful reprieve from the hustle and bustle of their busy work lives, as well as a stunning backdrop for entertaining friends, hosting regular visitors and walking their dogs.


They have remained active since retiring a few years ago but are beginning to find the long drives into town for shopping, attending clubs and functions and visiting their doctor a bit of a chore.

Recently they began discussing the possibility of moving into town to be closer to services and the activities they are involved in. They are concerned that they could become isolated where they are as "it can be too easy to stay at home, make excuses - especially if it's a cold night or one of us is feeling a bit below par. We've seen it happen with friends, and eventually people just stop asking them out." They are also attracted to the idea of being able to get out and about on foot. "It would be nice to go to the movies on a whim; just wander down rather than having to plan for everything."

Although Den and Peter are both in good health at the moment, they are also aware that getting about could become more difficult in the future, in which case, being closer to shops, their friends and other facilities would make life a lot easier and more enjoyable.

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