Henare and Maria

Henare and Maria had lived in their house in a coastal city for the past 15 years. The house wasn't flash when they bought it, but its four bedrooms really suited their teenage children as the three of them each got their own room.

The house is close to a good high school, and their growing children really enjoyed the recreational and sporting opportunities available to them in the city. They also connected with their cousins and even joined a local kapa haka group so they could learn more about their Maori heritage. Henare is especially pleased the family moved to the city all those years ago as it has given their children more access to the cultural roots they inherited from his side of the family.

Over the time they have lived in the house, Henare has put his do-it-yourself skills to good work. He has spent many weekends and time off work fixing up the house, and now it's looking quite flash.

At the same time, their neighbourhood had become quite a trendy place for young couples to buy in.

Henare and Maria's children have all moved out and all seem to be doing well in their work and relationships.

When Henare and Maria look around their home now, they wonder whether it's time for them to sell up and move to another house, perhaps even in another city. If they keep their options open, they feel that they might be able to release some of the equity in their house to put away as a nest egg in the bank.

They begin to look in other cities and towns where the house prices are cheaper but where they might still be able to get work. At the back of their minds, they also recognise that they're looking for somewhere where they might be happy to retire.

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