Norm moved from the small town he was born in when he was 16 years old. He went to the city to take up a building apprenticeship.

He'd been really relieved when he found out that some relatives lived in the same city. This made the move and settling into the new place much easier, and he'd even boarded with one of his aunties and her husband for the first year he was there. When he completed his apprenticeship, he got work in the same city, and then he fell in love with a local, and that sealed it - he was staying in the city.

Some years have passed since he made that decision. The relationship didn't last, and more and more, Norm feels the tug of his birthplace. He's visited his parents as often as he's been able to and tried his best to get home whenever a relative has passed away. His father died a few years back, but his mother is still alive.

Norm can't help wondering how much longer she'll be around to welcome him back into the family home when he visits, and he doesn't like the thought of her being there alone and having to cope by herself.

Although he still had good friends in the city, he's decided he wants to at least plan for returning home. He had skills, so he's pretty sure he'll be able to find work there, and he's confident he can soon re-connect with the locals. He's thought about where he might live and even how he might fix up a place so that, if the time came, he could be a caregiver for his mother. He's also thought about the roles he might be able to take on to support his community.

The more he thinks about this kind of future, the more his heart settles on making it a reality. Norm has started thinking about getting rid of things he won't need and selling his home in the city, and how he'll have to pack up things and let his mother know his plans. He feels that if it's meant to be, it'll come together with relative ease, and he'll soon be on his way.

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