Kevin and Sandra

Kevin and Sandra have lived in their home for over 40 years now.

They worked hard to buy a section where they could build a house they would be proud of, with plenty of space for their kids to run around as well as room for a thriving vegetable patch and garden. The grandkids love coming to stay with "Nan and Pa" and spend a lot of time helping in the garden and checking the swan plants for caterpillars.

But things have changed over the last few years as many of their old neighbours and friends have moved away to be closer to town or to their own families. Kevin and Sandra feel they don't know their neighbours so well these days and have lost a valuable support network.

Last year, Kevin went overseas with his brother for two months, and Sandra was left at home alone. At first, she enjoyed having a bit of time to herself, but one night, her neighbour's ex broke in next door to retrieve some drugs, and there was an altercation. The police were called, and the man tried to escape through Sandra's house.

Sandra was unhurt but badly shaken. One of her friends came out from town to stay with her for a few days, but she hasn't felt safe since that night. "You just can't tell what might be going on." While Kevin thinks things might have been different if he had been home, he agrees that things have changed, and the area feels "rougher" than before; "less of a community." Both of them feel that it's not the same place they once knew and loved, and they worry that if something happened, the right people might not be able to get to them in time.

They are considering moving into town to be closer to their kids, "somewhere where, if something did go wrong, we'd have people who we trust close at hand."

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