Ailsa and Rob

Ailsa and Rob moved to their current home just before retiring 10 years ago, with a view to being there for many years to come. But they are starting to notice different things - small things - that could affect their lifestyles. They are both still competent drivers, but Ailsa realises that, if they weren't able to use their car for any reason, they would have to walk up a steep hill to reach the closest bus stop, which could become hard work.

Rob too recognises some 'niggles'. While their home is a fantastic summer house, it's not warm in winter. There are a lot of windows that take advantage of the dramatic sea views, but none of them are double glazed.

The couple loves gardening, however, there are some steep areas on their section, and there is a lot of lawn. The quiet neighbourhood suits them well, and they have no concerns about their safety. But their children have all left home, and increasingly, as the children are having children of their own, Ailsa and Rob feel a long way from their family.

Rob sums up their thoughts: "We want to be somewhere that will suit us both for a long while. We want to find out all the options that are open to us and work out the best one for us before we find ourselves in a situation where we need to make a change urgently."

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