Section i: Issues

What's the issue?

Click on each link to turn your issues into opportunities

i1 - I'd like to manage, repair and maintain my home more cheaply.

i2 - I'd like more money for everyday living expenses.

i3 - The housework is getting too much for me.

i4 - The lawns and garden are getting too much for me.

i5 - I'd like some help with my day-to-day activities like cooking, shopping, showering or dressing.

i6 - I'd like to find better ways of heating or cooling my home.

i7 - I'd like to reduce the risk of falls, for me or my partner.

i8 - I'd like more companionship.

i9 - I or my partner have been sick or injured and would like some temporary or long-term help.

i10 - We have big expenses coming up and could use some capital to pay for them.

i11 - I or my partner would like to be able to get around the house and garden more easily.

i12 - I would like to be able to get out and about more easily and get to services more easily.

i13 - I'd like to feel more secure in my home and neighbourhood.