Section C - Information (part 2)

C1 - Selling a Subdivided Section and Remaining in your Current Home

C2 - Selling your Current House and Building and Living on the Subdivided Section

C3 - Remaining in your Current Home and Building a House on the Subdivided Section to Sell

C4 - Having a Boarder

C5 - Having a Flatmate

C6 - Having Family or Whānau Stay with You

C7 - Receiving Financial Assistance for a Gardener

C8 - Paying for a Gardener

C9 - Council Pensioners/Seniors Housing

C10 - Housing New Zealand (HNZ)

C11 - Community Housing Providers (CHPs)

C12 - Private Rentals

C13 - Home Modifications Assistance

C14 - Home Modifications DIY

C15 - Receiving Financial Assistance for Respite Care

C16 - Paying for Respite Care

C17 - Receiving Financial Assistance for Home Support Services

C18 - Paying for Home Support Services

C19 - Individualised Funding