C13 - Home Modifications Assistance

The Ministry of Health provide funding for some home modifications that cost over $200 (in 2021). The Ministry also provides some limited funding for equipment to support people with a disability.

If you are assessed as eligible to receive funding, the Ministry of Health may:

Most modifications that receive Ministry of Health funding must be completed by an approved service provider. Two organisations are approved by the Ministry of Health to provide equipment and modifications services: Accessable provide services for people living in the Auckland and Northland regions. Enable New Zealand provide services for the rest of New Zealand.

ACC may be able to provide funding for modifications to help you to live in your home following an injury. There are eligibility requirements to access this assistance.


Funding assistance will help you to have important modifications made.


There is a limit to the amount of funding you can receive from the Ministry of Health for modifications (in 2021 the maximum amount is $15,334). You will need to cover any modification costs over that funding amount. Small modifications under $200 (in 2021) are not covered by the funding.

What do I need in order to take this option?

Eligibility for assistance

Could this option limit my future choices?


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