B5 - Accommodation Supplement

The Accommodation Supplement is a weekly payment from Work and Income that helps towards paying rent, board or costs associated with owning a home.



What do I need in order to take this option?


Your eligibility for this payment depends on: where you live, your housing costs, the assets you and your partner have, how much you earn and who else lives with you.

To be eligible you must:


You need to complete an Accommodation Supplement Application Form from Work and Income. You can do this online, you can download a copy of the form to complete and post in, or you can contact Work and Income to post you a form.

Could this option limit my future choices?

No, but changes in your circumstances may affect your eligibility for the Accommodation Supplement or the amount you are entitled to. You will need to think about this if you are planning to move or have someone else come and live with you.

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