B4 - Converting Your House into Multiple Dwellings

If your house is big enough, you could convert it into two (or more) dwellings to generate some more income.

For example, you could convert a part of your house into a separate flat with its own facilities and entrance.



What do I need in order to take this option?

Could this option limit my future choices?

Yes, converting your house into two or more dwellings will affect its future sales value. This may have a positive or negative effect, depending on the conversion design and the property's legal title status.

You must ensure that any building work meets the building code requirements to avoid problems when it comes time to sell it.


Before you commit to converting your home, it is essential that you seek information from your council about residential development possibilities and rules that will apply to your property.

It may pay to engage a private building inspector to assess what exactly would need to be done and potential costs.

You will also need to deal with a number of legal and technical issues:

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