B30 - Other Public Financial Assistance

As well as financial assistance options such as B5 Accommodation Supplement, B6 Rates Relief, B7 Help with Transport Costs, and B15 Disability Allowance, a range of other payments are available to help older people in need.

Whether you qualify for a particular payment and the amount you can receive will depend on your individual situation. These include:

These other options for financial assistance are discussed in more detail below.

Emergency Benefit

This benefit helps with living costs if you are not eligible for other benefits or pensions and cannot support yourself. Income and asset tests apply.

Most people aged 65 and over will not be eligible for this benefit as they are eligible for other support, for example, New Zealand Superannuation. You might be eligible if you are over 65 and have not being living in New Zealand long enough to qualify for New Zealand Superannuation.

Supported Living Payment

The main carers of sick or disabled adults may be eligible for this payment. See B16 Live-in Carer.

Veterans Pension

If you have served in the New Zealand Armed Forces in a war or other emergency and are aged over 65, you may be eligible for a Veterans Pension or other financial assistance. You can receive the Veterans Pension instead of New Zealand Superannuation or a Disability Allowance.

Temporary Additional Support

This is a weekly payment to help meet essential living costs. You can receive it for a maximum of 13 weeks.

Special Needs Grant

Also known as a hardship payment, this grant can help you pay for something essential and urgent when you have no other way to pay for it. It is available to cover food and funeral expenses, and in some situations, accommodation costs, repairs and maintenance, and utility bills. Usually you do not have to pay it back.

Recoverable Assistance Payment

This payment can help you pay for something essential and urgent when you have no other way to pay for it. It might be available to help pay the cost of accommodation, whiteware, spectacles, dental treatment, utility bills or essential repairs to your home or car. It must be paid back, but you can usually make repayments in instalments.

Advance Payment of Benefit

If you are already receiving a benefit, you may be able to apply to have an advance payment from that benefit to cover a particular bill. You will need to pay back the advance, but you can usually make repayments in instalments.



What do I need in order to take this option?

Eligibility varies depending on the specific payment and your situation. Contact Work and Income to discuss your eligibility.

Could this option limit my future choices?

This option is unlikely to limit your future choices unless you find it difficult to make your repayments and end up in debt.

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