B2 - Sharing Your Home

You may consider sharing your home with others for any number of reasons.

For example, having someone else living with you may provide you with some company or reassurance, or their contribution to household expenses might help with your finances.

You may have spare rooms and want to help someone who needs a home. You may also want to share your home because a disability or ill health means you need more support with your day-to-day living.

Regardless of your circumstances or who might move in with you, you might like to think about having a written agreement with them that covers such things as splitting bills and sharing housekeeping tasks, smoking restrictions and whether they can have overnight/day guests. A written agreement might also cover what happens if you should change your mind about wanting to share your home with them - it will give you an exit strategy if things don't work out.

Even if you don't have a written agreement, you need to agree on some ground rules before anyone moves in. You might also benefit from creating opportunities to regularly (eg, every second month) check how the rules are working for everyone and whether you need to revise any rules.

Sharing your home will require you to be flexible and willing to deal with problems calmly and openly. Having some ground rules that can change as people get to know one another can help build shared understandings, expectations and trust as you adapt to how you all want to live in the house.

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Being able to offer space in your home to someone else may depend on the rules and regulations that govern where you live. If you own your own home, it is up to you to decide whether someone else moves in with you. If you are in rental accommodation, there may be restrictions on the number of people who can live there or how long visitors can stay.



What do I need in order to take this option?

Could this option limit my future choices?

Yes, you may find it difficult to move to other accommodation in the future if you feel responsible for the housing situation of those living with you. Be clear with anyone you choose to share your home with that you retain the right to decide on a housing arrangement that is good for you.

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