B19 - Use Fewer Resources

Every day in our homes we consume electricity and other fuels, as well as water.

All these can have charges. Some places already have water charges and it is likely that more will in the future.

So using less electricity, other fuels and water is a good way to reduce your costs. A lot of people install systems to reduce humidity and cold air. This can be expensive, and there might be other things you can do that reduce your resource use and save you money.

There's lots of information about how to use fewer resources in your home and your council might have an eco-design advisor to help you - see www.ecodesignadvisor.org.nz. For other suggestions, you can also see B9 Insulation, B10 Double Glazing, B11 Efficient Heating and especially B12 Comfort Spaces.

Here are some actions you can take to reduce your resource use. Many of these actions are free or low cost.


Many of the actions that mean your house uses fewer resources could help you save costs in running your home, and will also increase the comfort of your home.


Some houses are easier to make resource efficient than others. But most people can introduce an array of quite simple changes.

What do I need in order to take this option?

Information and possibly some assistance with practical things like changing light bulbs and putting up curtains. There may be some costs but you will find you can usually make small changes quite cheaply.

Could this option limit my future choices?


For more information

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority for energy efficiency tips www.eeca.govt.nz

Some councils have sustainable/eco home design advisors who can provide advice on how to make your home warmer. See: www.ecodesignadvisor.org.nz/