B1 - Subdividing Your Property

Subdivision is the legal division of land and/or buildings for separate ownership. Subdivisions are governed by the Resource Management Act 1991 (the RMA) and require a local council consent.

You can subdivide your property in a number of ways. You can:



What do I need in order to take this option?

Could this option limit my future choices?

No, unless the subdivision results in some shared access or other easement on your title, then, once complete, it will probably have little or no impact on your future choices. It could have a positive effect in terms of the money you might get from any future sale.


It is essential that you seek information from your council about the possibility of subdividing your property before you start. If you wish to proceed, you will also need to get technical advice.

Subdividing your land requires you to deal with a number of legal and technical issues:

For more information

Talk to your local council, your solicitor and other relevant professionals (such as surveyors, architects and builders).