Section A - Opportunities

A1 - Generating Income from Your Home

A2 - Getting Help with Day-to-day Costs

A3 - Repairing and Maintaining Your Home

A4 - Modifying Your Home

A5 - Preventing Falls

A6 - Selling Your Unused Assets

A7 - Making Your Home Perform Better

A8 - Getting Help with Your Housework

A9 - Gardens and Comfort

A10 - Receiving In-home Care

A11 - Getting a Personal Care Alarm

A12 - Receiving Some Help

A13 - Leaving Home Ownership

A14 - Reverse Equity and Mortgages

A15 - Selling and Buying a Cheaper Home

A16 - Renting Out Your Home

A17 - Finding the Right Community

A18 - Getting out, Getting to Services and Meeting Others

A19 - Protecting Yourself

A20 - Building a New Home

A21 - Move to a Property that is Easier to Manage