A3 - Repairing and Maintaining Your Home

It is important for all of us to live in homes that are well maintained and safe. At best, a home that is in poor condition can be uncomfortable to live in; at worst, it can be a serious health hazard.


As we get older, living in an uncomfortable and unhealthy home can exacerbate health problems and be seriously detrimental to our ability to remain independent and functioning well.

Also, unaddressed repairs and maintenance can devalue the home.

Some people feel unconfident and overwhelmed by the tasks of maintaining their homes. However, there is a tool to guide you in ways to get the work done well. The tool also helps separate essential, 'must do' jobs from non-urgent or 'nice to do' jobs and gives tips for making your home safer.

For more information, see: B31 Repairing and Maintaining Your Home.

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